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What We Do?

We provide continuous personalized learning and certifications training for your workforce, customers, and partners based on your performance metrics data. This helps standardize the learning process, and accelerate DevOps adoption and transformation.

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How We Do It:

DevOps transformation is comprised of three things in this sequence:


1. Process


2. People


3. Tools

CLIPP, our DevOps workforce readiness platform uses A.i. to map process and DevOps tools performance metrics to people competencies. This allows for us to recommend highly personalized learning certifications based on performance deficiencies.

As continuous delivery and continuous monitoring metrics change, CLIPP platform provides continuous learning recommendations.

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What Is DevOps, And Why Do You Need It?

In order to make organizations work smarter and produce faster, most adopt the DevOps concept. These set of concepts are instructional processes and methodologies that enable super efficient agile workflows and streamlines the development, technology, and operations teams. Improve and encourage collaborative efficiency between these crucial departments, and improve the overall bottom line by implementing DevOps within their operational frameworks.

Certifications And Adaptive Learning Paths

Certifications & Adaptive Learning Paths

DevOpsU.org offers certifications, exams, and a adaptive learning paths that are personalized based on your goals.

Expert Coaching & Professional Mentoring

Expert Coaching & Professional Mentoring

We empower your learning experience by providing DevOps experts and professionals ready to answer your questions.

Virtual Labs And Informal Learning

Hands-On Virtual Labs & Informal Learning

We deliver real hands-on virtual labs and map informative a.i. curated content to support your learning experience.

Analytical Insights Workforce Readiness

Analytical Insights & Workforce Readiness

DevOpsU.org offers powerful personal insights to guide and deliver workforce readiness for you or your organization.


Our Customers Love Us, And We Love Our Customers

Ellen Monroe
5-Star Review

Cloud Systems Specialist

"Since getting the DevOps certification from DevOpsU.org, I have seen a huge increase in organizational skill. I am more efficient and can collaborate within teams a lot better. I can now get a better paying job and I’m hopeful that the certification will help me progress in my career as a premier cloud expert."

Ellen Monroe
Jacob Miller
5-Star Review

DevOps Engineer

"After reading a lot of material and observing the shifting industry trends; I went for a DevOps certification to become a more valuable player in the market. I can confidently say now that not only am I more valuable as an employee, but considerably better at operations oversight! Highly recommend DevOpsU.org."

Jacob Miller
Mateo Hamilton
5-Star Review

IT Manager

" As the sole IT manager, I had my hands full with both daily tasks and systems development. Leading a team of IT experts and developers as well was, admittedly, difficult. With DevOps certification training, we have seen a marked improvement in both the collaborative and organizational potential. We now have a trusted training partner in DevOpsU.org. "

Mateo Hamilton

Learn From The Best

DevOpsU.org Instructors are some of the best experts and instructional designers in the IT industry, with knowledge spanning across several different topics including big data, cloud, security and more. Here is what they and their students have to say:


Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living...


Joe Holbrook

Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to...

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Bank of America

DevOpsU.org Is Democratizing The DevOps Learning Experience With The Following:

  • • Offering a completely free plan to the DevOps community.
  • • Evangelizing DevOps with community experts & trainers
  • • Creating a continuously evolving learning journey
  • • Training in emerging DevOps trends and up-and-coming technologies
  • • Crowdsourcing your contributions to the community of experts
  • • Offering a platform to author and create courses for profit

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