About Us

DevOpsUniversity – A Workforce Readiness and Career Development Platform For DevOps Professionals

Trusted By Companies Large & Small For Over 25 Years

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What We Do

DevOpsUniversity transforms DevOps individuals and teams through a Workforce Readiness Platform by personalizing the learning experience using AI, adaptive learning and multi-modal training delivery

Who We Are

DevOpsUniversity is a new venture by QuickStart Learning Inc. It is an education provider and a skills and career development center for people interested in getting into DevOps. The institute will also help organizations with achieve their DevOps goals and KPIs through its workforce readiness platform.

Our Mission

DevOpsUniversity’s mission is to serve two purposes.

  • It is a platform that enables people to get into DevOps.
  • It is a workforce readiness platform for organizations to help their DevOps teams meet their goals through an integrated multi-modality personalized learning experience using AI.

Challenges We Help You Overcome

Most organizations struggle with:

  • DevOps deployment in a multi-cloud environment
  • Automating testing through the DevOps Cycle
  • Standardization of DevOps practices
  • Getting legacy and waterfall teams to transition to DevOps
  • Getting ROI on their DevOps investment

All of these challenges are indicative of your DevOps workforce not being ready, or not having the right skill set to meet their goals. QuickStart’s DevOpsUniversity, with the fusion of an AI based workforce readiness platform, industry’s top DevOps experts and DevOps learning assets, will create future DevOps leaders.

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