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  1. The Complete DevOps Developer Roadmap

    The Complete DevOps Developer Roadmap

    The world is exceeding forward and a large amount of data is being procreated in a blink of an eye that needs the same pace to assemble at which it is being produced. Technology is advancing day by day and to meet ends, we need similar software hardware, tools, and systems and one of such systems is DevOps which is controlled by DevOps Developer.
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  2.  Using Jenkins and Java for Continuous Integration

    Using Jenkins and Java for Continuous Integration

    Continuous integration is a relative domain of the DevOps systems with a clear integration of making sure that the final version of the software is of premium quality and highly deployable. With continuous integration, the developers can finally have a sigh of relief as they don’t have to unstitch the software completely in order to make some changes or dispatch new patches. This can be done with the help of the continuous integration where code can be implemented and fed to the software without any relative delay whatsoever and then syncing it with the already up and running systems.
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  3. Tips to Lead a Successful DevOps Transformation

    Tips to Lead a Successful DevOps Transformation

    Bringing a change in the work environment can be hard because almost all the members of the organization are prone to the same old techniques. Thus; it can seem overwhelming to adopt new measures to bear fruitful results, and similar is the case with DevOps. A DevOps Developer faces many challenges in the workforce such as:
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  4. Top 25 Useful Kubernetes Tools

    Top 25 Useful Kubernetes Tools

    Miscellaneous organizations are dwelling into the making of useful and effective applications to bring enhanced productivity and scalability to the firms. The smooth running of applications is the basic need of the industries and a slight discrepancy can create numerous amount of workloads, creating a frantic and ineffective work environment. This is where Kubernetes fill in and save the industries from falling into a deep pit.
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  5. How to become a DevOps Architect?

    How to become a DevOps Architect?

    You might have extensively heard about DevOps as how it is not a process or technology but a simple methodology. Yes, it is true that DevOps is rather a mindset than it is a technology. It helps in better development, processing, as well as the deployment of the software and tools to the users. But in order for the DevOps magic to work the development and the operations team have to come together by barging down their personal differences and collaborating more.
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  6. Docker Images and Containers Explained

    Docker Images and Containers Explained

    To deploy and present the applications to the upper management, the team of IT makes use of a tool known as Docker. Docker utilizes a variety of techniques to procreate useful and efficient applications.  Docker helps in such a way that it enables the applications to run on any device that supports this tool. However, Docker can be divided into two aspects such as: Docker Images Containers
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  7. DevOps in the Age of Blockchain

    DevOps in the Age of Blockchain

    DevOps is a mindset that is not only unique but also provides solutions to the problems of code development and its delivery to thousands or possibly millions of users at the same time. Software development is a slow process that can be brought to speed using the DevOps methodology, but the phases to do so need to be shortened every time a new upgrade has to be encoded within the main source code repository. DevOps training can best help you achieve a professional career within the domains of software development and delivery. In order to achieve this functionality, repeated actions are to be taken, which is a waste of time and resources according to tech companies.
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  8. How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 6 Months

    How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 6 Months

    For someone who wants to shift his or her career to a more DevOps oriented model, becoming a DevOps engineer might be the right start. A DevOps certification proves that a professional has extensive knowledge about software development and IT operations. If you are interested in growing your career, then the following information and tips can help guide you in becoming a DevOps engineer in six months.
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