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  1. How AWS DevOps Tools can Integrate your Tech Teams

    How AWS DevOps Tools can Integrate your Tech Teams

    If we talk about the revolution in doing business, there is only one reason that is technology. None of this looked possible before when we were using old methods of doing business. Now, when technology runs side by side with every business, it looks inseparable.
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  2. How to Get Started with Puppet: a Beginner’s Guide

    How to Get Started with Puppet: a Beginner’s Guide

    In the time when DevOps is getting all advanced, we needed to manage all our configurations. Because with infrastructure getting bigger and more complex, system administrators could not keep up with all the work. What they did was a lot of repetitive tasks such as installing and configuring the servers. With extensive infrastructure, even doing that became harder for them.
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  3. DevCloudOps; know everything

    DevCloudOps; know everything

    It's a reality: Cloud and DevOps are joined at the hip. The vast number of cloud development projects utilize DevOps, and the rundown will just get longer. The advantages of using DevOps with cloud plans are also becoming well-defined. They consist of speed-to-delivery for application development to address the issues of the business units’ quicker, client demand that rapidly overlaps into the software, and lesser the costs for the testing, development, deployment, and operations.
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  4. In demand DevOps skills of 2020

    In demand DevOps skills of 2020; Tips to Acquire Them

    The scope of DevOps changes quickly and so as the expert should also be a fast learner. The future technology is DevOps and each organization having software will clearly work with the concepts of DevOps. Ideal expertise for the DevOps proficient is collaboration and communication. Because of competitive business points of interest, DevOps has become a leading and popular technology. The companies are in any event, outperforming through DevOps innovation. Such companies even are performing efficiently and the new instruments are also evolving in the market. Because of this, the value is increasing for qualified, skilled, and trained DevOps experts. Looking at the DevOps’ scope, it is clear to understand that this innovation will recognize one of the leading ones. It has come upon all new tools and job roles.
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  5. Top 5 DevOps Jobs of 2020

    Top 5 DevOps Jobs of 2020

    Numerous IT divisions are siloed among operations, support, development, and management, however, a DevOps framework looks to integrate them for better efficiency and a smoother general work process. The framework permits organizations to rapidly deliver security updates and software both internally as well as to clients. The main objective is to bring products to market quicker, deliver security updates and updates rapidly, and make the whole procedure increasingly trustworthy.
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  6. Adopting DevOps Challenges

    Key Challenges in Adopting DevOps; 2020 Edition

    The teams and users of Application development are still reliant on many operations teams to plan and execute secure cloud availability and o build up the standards around utilizing cloud administrations. While solid administration is significant, there is a high opportunity for firms to lose their agility and get captured by and by wrecked if these operational procedures are not streamlined and smoothened. For the key activities on executing the new patterns to succeed, it is important for DevOps to have the ability to work with no obstacles.
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  7. How to become a DevOps Expert

    How to become a DevOps Expert

    DevOps Expert is someone who knows the Lifecycle of Software Development and has a decent knowledge of the different tools used for automation for developing digital pipelines (CI/CD pipelines). DevOps Expert works with the IT staff and developers to manage the code release. They can be a developer who gets interested in network and deployment tasks or sysadmins who have an interest in coding and scripting and move into the advancement side where they can improve deployment and test the planning.
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  8. Why DevOps University is the best place to get DevOps training from

    Why DevOps University is the best place to get DevOps training from

    In the successful industry of IT, DevOps is a big cultural shift and adopting DevOps can sound complicated and overwhelming initially, for any project and organization. It is an ocean of such a large number of new technologies and tools that many often feel lost. We at the University of DevOps, are here to provide you DevOps training and assist you on this great journey of transformation.
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