Should DevOps Engineers Learn Project Management?

So a straight answer to it is, Yes. Either you are a DevOps Engineer or a DevOps Continuous Integration Associate, having a Project Management certificate uplifts your understanding of how should teams and projects work and how you can essentially run teams effectively around the projects in timely mannered.

DevOps is not something new, it isn’t something technical project managers or DevOps people weren’t aware of before. DevOps is all about the culture, how the process works by the people through the help of tools.

Knowing the technicalities of DevOps and project management know-how is a very strong combination of skills which is in high global demand. People with these combined skills work as a bridge between technical and non-technical teams.

Let me break it down for you to help you understand even better what these two skills can help achieve in your professional journey.

One hand you have skills of DevOps;

1, You have the skills to continuously develop and integrate new systems and operations into the code

2, Since DevOps, is a fast process from developing to deploying. You need to be aware of Security Skills.

3, The ability to work in a team, with collaboration providing more cross-functionality within the DevOps process.

4, A working understanding of data center-based and cloud infrastructure components.

On the other hand, you have skills in project management;

1, Communication, this literally goes without saying but it is mandatory to mention as well since 90% of project manager’s time is spent in communication

2, Leadership, which again is the essential skills required for managing projects and teams or stakeholders associated with it.

3, Personal Organization, to be honest, one cannot be a successful project manager if he/she is not organized, not just professionally but personally as well.

4, Risk Management, it doesn’t always go as planned. So, the skills of project management require risk handling.

Now combine these amazing tech skills of DevOps and Project Management together, you will have upgraded yourself to run an entire DevOps team. With these skills, you can become the backbone of the DevOps Management in the company and this eventually leads your career towards the DevOps or IT Head of the company you are working in.

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