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  1. How do you Learn DevOps Step by Step?

    How do you Learn DevOps Step by Step?

    Categories: DevOps , Learning
    If we talk about something more valuable than money, there is only one thing that undoubtedly comes up. It is time. According to an old proverb, time is money. But it’s worth much more than money now. We now calculate the performance of everything in terms of time consumed.
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  2. Jenkins Tips and Tricks

    Jenkins Tips and Tricks; Learn Jenkins From The Scratch

    Categories: DevOps , Learning , Jenkins
    Must have heard about DevOps by now, right? Well, it is this new culture in the business world to bring teams together and make all the processes automated. There are two pillars of this culture, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Well, they are nothing but a set of principles that is usually called a CI/CD pipeline.
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  3. Top Ten free DevOps courses

    Top Ten free DevOps Courses to Get in 2020

    Categories: DevOps , Learning
    DevOps is discussed more than ever in the globe and is having a very worthwhile vocation for experts hoping to accomplish a steady and high potential technical profession in the universe of IT. With the growing demand for continuous application deployments and quicker developmental strategies, the requirement for talented DevOps experts in the present IT market has expanded exponentially in the past few years.
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