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  1. Kubernetes Tips And Tricks

    Kubernetes Tips And Tricks; Learn Kubernetes from Scratch

    Containerized environments have attracted significant prominence among engineers, as they empower standardized, compact, and secure workload at hand. To help manage containers, associations generally use a container orchestration system like Kubernetes, which empowers the organization of containerized applications for a large scope. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that helps in the automation of the scaling, deployment, and management for containerized applications. In this blog, we will share some Kubernetes tips and tricks to assist you in making the most from it.
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  2. How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

    How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

    DevOps is one of the progressive jobs throughout the entire existence of computing. This trendsetting philosophy has caused new changes that can transform the IT business as we see it today. Directly, the interest of DevOps engineers on the Microsoft Azure Platform obviously shows the ubiquity of DevOps on account of modern applications. Created as a combo of operational aspects in IT and traditional software development, DevOps targets delivering better worth.
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  3. Best Laptop for DevOps Engineer

    Best Laptop for DevOps Engineers; 2020 Guide

    When we talk about DevOps and computer programming, there are not only algorithms, codes, and flowcharts are to consider, but the hardware you are running them on is also very significant. Because it does not matter how good of a developer you are. If your hardware is not good enough to run your developed application, you cannot do anything. Having a laptop that is powerful enough to run all the programs is what makes a developer perfect.
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  4. Docker Tips and Tricks

    Docker Tips and Tricks; Learn Docker From Scratch

    Docker has acquired numerous feathers in its cap for bringing about improvement in the universe of application development with the presentation of containers. Along these lines, the interest in docker tips has gotten very noticeable lately. The most recent years represent the change of modern software incorporating the course of bundling with Docker containers.
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  5. How do you Learn DevOps Step by Step?

    How do you Learn DevOps Step by Step?

    If we talk about something more valuable than money, there is only one thing that undoubtedly comes up. It is time. According to an old proverb, time is money. But it’s worth much more than money now. We now calculate the performance of everything in terms of time consumed.
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  6. Network DevOps; Challenges and Best Practices

    Network DevOps; Challenges and Best Practices

    Collaboration is a very general word, and we all must have heard about it. But, the power this word has is not as simple as it sounds. It is the most prominent thing in the transformation of businesses. Yes, there are technology solutions, but they have become mainstream now. There are tons of businesses that do not have the capabilities and skills to achieve projects like digital transformation. That is where collaboration knocks on their doors, and they look outside their organization to leverage the power of collaboration. We can describe it as the most effective method of partnership that spans geographical and organizational boundaries.
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  7. Jenkins Tips and Tricks

    Jenkins Tips and Tricks; Learn Jenkins From The Scratch

    Must have heard about DevOps by now, right? Well, it is this new culture in the business world to bring teams together and make all the processes automated. There are two pillars of this culture, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Well, they are nothing but a set of principles that is usually called a CI/CD pipeline.
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  8. What is Chef? Chef Tutorial Guide for Beginner

    What is Chef? Chef Tutorial Guide for Beginner

    When we talk about DevOps, there is a very significant concept that comes up. That is configuration management. Let's say, for efficient deployments, we need to manage all the physical and logical entities. Well, configuration management the systematic process of handling these entities. It includes everything, such as code, servers, infrastructure, and even people who are there to maintain infrastructure. Whenever there is a change in anything, let's say in code, every configuration needs to adjust accordingly. We find two types of configuration management. One is, push configuration in which the server drives all the configurations to the nodes. The other one is, pull configuration in which nodes check for the changes with the server.
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