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  1. DevOps in the Age of Blockchain

    DevOps in the Age of Blockchain

    Categories: DevOps

    DevOps is a mindset that is not only unique but also provides solutions to the problems of code development and its delivery to thousands or possibly millions of users at the same time. Software development is a slow process that can be brought to speed using the DevOps methodology, but the phases to do so need to be shortened every time a new upgrade has to be encoded within the main source code repository. DevOps training can best help you achieve a professional career within the domains of software development and delivery. In order to achieve this functionality, repeated actions are to be taken, which is a waste of time and resources according to tech companies.

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  2. How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 6 Months

    How to Become a DevOps Engineer in 6 Months

    Categories: DevOps , Career Driven

    For someone who wants to shift his or her career to a more DevOps oriented model, becoming a DevOps engineer might be the right start. A DevOps certification proves that a professional has extensive knowledge about software development and IT operations. If you are interested in growing your career, then the following information and tips can help guide you in becoming a DevOps engineer in six months.

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  3. Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Jenkins

    Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Jenkins

    Categories: DevOps , Jenkins

    If you are even slightly connected with the world of DevOps and Agile, then you likely have heard of Jenkins. Jenkins can not only help you with the development of continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines but also help you manage it properly. It is one of the most competitive technologies out there and can be used for software development and taking care of other operational practices. If you have been wondering about how to learn Jenkins, then you have come to the right place.

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  4. Agile and DevOps; Friends or Foes

    Agile and DevOps; Friends or Foes

    Categories: DevOps

    In these recent years, both the agile and DevOps have become the talk of the digital development world whether if it is for apps or software or tools. You can find plenty of material on the internet about this ongoing rivalry between DevOps and Agile. But in truth, we need to be impartial on the fact that both of these might be the same or helping each other out but the possibility of them being the foes also exists. Agile and DevOps might be the same as being any different and the main reason is that Agile interprets to the fast-paced nature of the content delivery mechanism and DevOps is for outlining a practical procedure to develop and deliver the services that are made.

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  5. What Can a DevOps Coach Do for an Organization?

    What Can a DevOps Coach Do for an Organization?

    Categories: Business Productivity , DevOps

    When it comes to adopting DevOps there is a hard and high road that needs to be taken to adopt this mindset and work closely with it, especially if you are an organization. In the hopes of becoming technologically available and more fast-paced, many companies are now heading to add a fully DevOps enabled capability inside their organization. But it takes a lot of work to achieve this accomplishment. However, mastering the fundamentals in DevOps is a daunting task.

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  6. Ansible Best Practices

    Ansible Best Practices; Learn How to Ansible Efficiently

    Categories: DevOps , Ansible

    If you have ever worked with DevOps before in your life then you already know that it uses a cluster of tools and software systems for the sake of automation. Ansible is one of them.

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  7. How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

    How to Become Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer?

    Categories: DevOps

    DevOps is one of the progressive jobs throughout the entire existence of computing. This trendsetting philosophy has caused new changes that can transform the IT business as we see it today. Directly, the interest of DevOps engineers on the Microsoft Azure Platform obviously shows the ubiquity of DevOps on account of modern applications. Created as a combo of operational aspects in IT and traditional software development, DevOps targets delivering better worth.

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  8. Best Laptop for DevOps Engineer

    Best Laptop for DevOps Engineers; 2020 Guide

    Categories: DevOps

    When we talk about DevOps and computer programming, there are not only algorithms, codes, and flowcharts are to consider, but the hardware you are running them on is also very significant. Because it does not matter how good of a developer you are. If your hardware is not good enough to run your developed application, you cannot do anything. Having a laptop that is powerful enough to run all the programs is what makes a developer perfect.

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