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  1. Kubernetes Cheat Sheet: 2020

    Kubernetes Cheat Sheet: 2020

    Categories: Kubernetes , Cheat Sheet
    In an era of abruptly advancing the IT field, the development and deployment of applications on a large scale have become a sort of challenge. However, thanks to the container technologies, which provided a new approach to developers to write and deploy applications. Containers technology enables developers to easily package up a form with all of its necessary parts, which include libraries and dependencies, and transfer it all out as one package. All this procedure can be managed without the availability of a virtual machine. However, containers themselves alone aren’t enough to run the mega show. To build complex applications that require various components covering numerous containers on several different machines, containers orchestration tools are needed.
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  2. Ansible Cheat Sheet: 2020

    Ansible Cheat Sheet: 2020

    Categories: Ansible , Cheat Sheet
    Ansible is an open-source platform, or tool, used for IT automation tasks such as configuration management, application deployment, orchestration, and cloud provisioning. With the abruptly advancing field of IT, automation is considered crucial in modern days. To manage the growing IT environments that are too complex, it is humanly impossible for system administrators and developers to keep up the pace if everything needs to get managed manually.
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