Agile Development in Remote/Offshare Team Model

It is a stock of values and rules that provide a foundation to teams when aiming for exceptional software development results.
It is a stock of values and rules that provide a foundation to teams when aiming for exceptional software development results.

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About this Course:

What is Agile?

Contrary to the popular definition of agile circulating around, agile is not a methodology or a procedure of software development.

It is a collection of values and principles that serve as a basis for teams when driving exceptional software development outcomes. In 2001, 17 software development experts gathered and created the Agile Manifesto. This is to address the growing challenges dealt with by software developers as they adapt to changing business needs.

The Agile Manifesto emphasizes the principles of early delivery, continuous improvement, adaptive planning, simplified breakdown of tasks, and effective team collaboration and communication. Its main premise is that it should always be agile in adapting to changes in developing software.

How to Use Agile in Offshore Development

Many would argue that the possibility of agile and offshore development working together is next to impossible. Software teams that adopt agile for projects tend to avoid outsourcing altogether. They believe that agile won’t succeed when applied outside of the main location.

After all, having another team from a different culture, time zone, and location can prove to be tricky if we are to strictly follow the values and principles in agile.

However, is it necessary to choose one over the other or could we blend them together? With more than nine years of solid experience in agile offshore development, we here at QuickStart believe that agile development can be outsourced — ONLY when it’s done right.

Course Objectives:

  • Share QuickStart’s experience of managing Software Development remotely using Agile Process along with SCRUM methodology for more then 9 Years.
  • Students will be introduced to some of the tools that we use here at QuickStart while following Remote/offshore Agile Process and how they have benefitted us in delivering weekly sprints on time and with Quality.
  • Some key aspects of Agile Development in a remote/offshore Model
  • Process, tools, challenges and solutions



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